Meet Our Horses

Our Equine companions have many similarities to people. They are social, they develop relationships, and have the capability to retain meaningful memories. 

We use up to 4 trained and tested horses in each therapeutic riding lesson and we have 6 full-time therapeutic riding horses. All our horses are gentle, kind and willing to work with a wide range of riders and abilities.

Sponsoring one of our horses is a great way to support 4:13. All money goes directly towards the daily care of your chosen equine and their friends so they can continue their wonderful work.

​Available Sponsorship Options

  • Annual full care - $8400 (one horse)

  • Full monthly care - $700

  • Partial yearly care - $1000 (including but not limited to Monthly veterinary and farrier services - $84)

Oakie was born in 1994. He is 15 hh, sorrel Quarter horse. He is well trained with plenty of experience. Being sensitive he is good for riders with less legs strength.

Raspberry is a 1991 Arabian mare. She taught countless numbers of young riders in her school horse career. Raspberry is caring, gentle and patient with all her special riders.

Rita was born in 1993, and is a Norwegian Fjord. She is 14.2 hh and has the longest career as a therapeutic horse. She is caring and patient with all her special riders, and known for her wild hair!

Maverick (Mavi) was born in 1993. He is a 14.3 hh buckskin medium weight gelding. He is well trained with plenty of experience. Mavi will always be very patient and caring with our least experienced riders but he can also be sensitive and requiring accurate aids from more advanced riders.

Desert Flower (Dessie) was born in 2003. She is a Curly Horse, a breed which is known for their curly coats, manes and tails as well as being hypoallergenic! Dessie is a sweet and nurturing giving her a motherly personality and making her a great therapeutic horse!

In Memoriam

Sooty, an old grey Welsh pony,  moved to Canada from Wales with his family and being only 12 hh he was a perfect companion for our smallest riders.  He passed away on Sept 21 2018 and will be missed dearly!

Rino Scratchy Pants, better known as just Rino, passed away on June 26 2018 at the age of 27. He was known for his quiet demeanor with our more sensitive riders, and his responsiveness for our more advanced riders. He was true to his name and loved rolling in the arena dirt, or a good scratch behind the ears. He made himself right at home, wandering the barn when he deemed the weather not fit for going outside. We will miss this special horse very much!

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