Four: Thirteen Therapeutic Riding Association (4:13) is a newly registered charitable organization. It is the generosity of individuals and organizations’ that gives our program the support it needs to support our students with our therapeutic horseback riding programs.

How Your Donation Helps

  • Reduce program fees, allowing students and families to benefit from our program, regardless of their financial income level

  • Provide financial support towards the maintenance of our six horses

  • Accessibility improvements and constructions within our facility, allowing physical access to our program easier for those with limited ambulatory movement

  • Maintenance and purchase of riding equipment for students (e.g., safety belts which will help with balance, riding helmets, etc.)

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Your donation is greatly appreciated. On behalf of 4:13 Therapeutic Riding Association ‘s members, and our students, students’ families, horses and volunteers, we thank you so much for your generous contribution to support our charitable organization.

"One of our main goals is to provide students and their families with an affordable therapeutic riding experience. We strive to provide the beneficial experience of therapeutic riding to students of all abilities, regardless of their financial ability."