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My son was having some difficult times and was not able to communicate that to us. After spending a short time with the horses, he was able to tell us he was happy to be there. We have been back many times as he continues to grow and learn. - Jack R

Our family and I came out for the day to watch my daughter's session with the horses. She really enjoyed herself and it was such a great day for the whole family. Thanks 4:13! - Diane L

I want to really emphasize how AMAZING you are – and the benefits your program has had for my son. In addition to the obvious gross motor skills/exercise he develops, he is improving his fine motor skills.

At the same time, he’s also using listening and processing skills in a non-classroom setting – invaluable tools that will serve him well in this big world we live in. Add to that the loving relationships he builds with both you, Sue, as his leader, and these awesome animals. The resilience he has shown is nothing short of remarkable.

So I truly thank you for developing such a program – fun, therapeutic and enjoyable for the parents. I’m not sure that exists anywhere is in this world of special children. – Jaime

My Daughter truly enjoys her time with Rita on Saturdays. She looks forward to bonding and ‘making a connection’ with her horse. Her time with Rita is so enjoyable that she doesn’t realize that she’s actually doing a lot of physical work! She has made great personal progress as she has improved her core and neck strength. She has also increased her verbal communication and volume as she learns to direct her horse and participate in class activities. My Daughter, with the help of Rita and 4:13 Volunteers, has made great progress.











My Daughter has also become more confident as well. Through the connection she has made with Rita, she has realized that she is able to accomplish whatever she puts her mind to. We have seen her confidence increase in school and with her peers as well.

The dedicated volunteers at 4:13 are well trained and attentive to the unique and individual needs of the riders. They are attentive and understanding and give wonderful exposure to a truly unique and special bond between Horse and Rider. - James

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